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When Does This Become A Real Pennant Race

@MetsPolice likes to throw around the term “Fake Pennant Race”. It’s cute. It’s fun. It describes the Mets current situation - not quite in it, but not quite out of it either.

After last night’s win the Mets are 5 games under .500, 7 games out of first place and 7 out of the Wild Card. With 49 games left to play, time is running out. So where do the Mets need to be to bring some playoff push atmosphere to Citi FIeld for the first time ever?

In my opinion, 4 games back of the division and/or 3 back in the WIld Card at the end of August. Get me there and “Drink the Kool-Aid” will officially turn into “Ya Gotta Believe”.

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The Return of The “Bro”

Tonight is the night. Citi Field. 7:10pm. I will make my triumphant return to Citi Field. I haven’t been since Tanaka laid the smack down on us during the Subway Series. That’s May 14th for the kids counting at home. But tonight, that changes.

A 5-5 roadie coming out of the break after a 6-1 finish to the first half as peaked my interest. If this good baseball continues there’s no reason the Mets can’t give us a .500 record and stay within shouting distance of some postseason race.

So tonight at Citi Field, a new season begins…

I’m going to toss on my Granderson jersey for the first time this year. I’m going to have some beers. I’m going to hop on the 7. I’m going to go pick up a “Hit Towel.” And I’m going to be yelling #FUPhilly!

Let’s have some fun! And LET’S GO METS!

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