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What Are We Rooting For This Week?

The Mets have played their best ball of the year in September (12-7) and although they had too much ground to make up in the postseason race they have vaulted up the standings to within a half-game of second place. However, with their September success also comes the downside of finish outside the bottom ten teams in the league which would afford them a protected pick no matter which free agents they sign this winter.

In the final week of the season they will play the Nationals who have already clinched the division and own the Mets this season (13-3) and the lowly Astros who have the seventh worst record in baseball.

So here are three scenarios that can happen this week:

1. The Mets go 5-1 and finish with a .500 record for the first time since 2008.

2. The Mets continue to play solid baseball and the Braves continue to free-fall with four games against the Pirates and three against the Phillies leading to the Mets finishing second in the division (something no one predicted in March except for a certain “bro”.)

3. The Mets can’t sustain their September success and fall four game sin the overall standings to get a protected pick.

Being that the Mets are eliminated, they find themselves in the awkward middle ground not being good enough to play October baseball, but being too good to get a protected pick. So as the 2014 draws to a close which scenario will you be rooting for?

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Mets Ticket Executive Fired For Being Pregnant And Single?

According to the new York Post, “Leigh Castergine said Wilpon and the Mets dumped her from her powerful position as head of marketing and ticket sales last month because the bumbling ownership was “morally opposed” to her out of wedlock pregnancy.”

A lawsuit was filed today in a Brooklyn federal court. According to the suit, Jeff Wilpon “frequently humiliated Castergine in front of others by, among other things, pretending to see if she had an engagement ring on her finger and openly stating in a meeting of the Team’s all-male senior executives that he is ‘morally opposed’ to Castergine ‘having this baby without being married.”

Hopefully there is a video of Jeff humiliating Leigh in an elevator somewhere!

Read the full scoop here.

Click here to read the full lawsuit.

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Mets 2014 Fan Survey

As they do every year, the Mets email fans a suvery to ask about their level of fandom, experience and what they’d like to see next year. Here are a few points that stood out to me.

1. Last year the survey apparently told the Mets people prefer Saturday night games. There has been some backlash, so they’re asking us again:


2. They asked us what particular factors go into us buying tickets. I like how they snuck in the “Win-Loss” record.


3. They asked if I attended a Mr. Met Dash in 2014. If they would let people in between the ages of 12 and 65 I would have!


4. It looks like the Post-Game Concert Series will return in 2015.


5. And lastly they asked us about what promotions we’d be interested in for next season. The ones that I particularly like are sunglasses, beach chair, replica jersey and fedora.


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