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Josh Lewin Hints At Staying

I was driving home from my sister’s 21st birthday/New Year’s Eve shenanigans this morning when I caught a Josh Lewin interview with Sid Rosenberg on WFAN. Lewin joined the Mets radio booth in February 2012 and has been great alongside Howie Rose for the last two seasons.

In September, it was announced that the Mets would part ways with their longtime radio home and move up the dial to 710-WOR. It has already been confirmed that Howie Rose will move with the team, but there has been some mystery as to whether Lewin would follow suit. That grey area became a little more black and white today as he hinted he would be back, saying:

Everything should be coming together, I would think, in the next couple of weeks. I mean, these things kind of move slowly; but I’m certainly expecting that things will go forward…Hopefully they’ll be some news on that soon.

Hopefully everything works out. The Mets radio broadcast is one of the best around and I would hate to see it broken up over a move to a different station.

You can listen to the full WFAN interview here.

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